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My Bikini Brazil specializes in Handmade Crochet Bikinis from Brazil, and has been creating this special line of hand tailored crochet bikinis since September 2002. They dedicate their business to creating the most personalized crochet bikinis and swimwear for your summer wardrobe. Once you realize the effortless nature and silkiness on your skin, wearing a hand made crochet bikini that actually breaths on your body, you might never go back to the traditional type of summer ensemble. Crochet is a timeless fashion, bringing together the past, and the future, making you feel special and sexy all at the same time. When you’re wearing one of My Bikini Brazil`s crochet bikinis, you are wearing an artifact of blended crochet artisanship with a modern fashion twist, ageless in its nature and gorgeous in its simplicity.


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Colorful Crochet Bikini
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Handmade Crochet G-String Bikinis  Only $69.99
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